"First off, I think a wedding is a very traditional event and that should be recognized. Having said that, my photography brings a very cool, contemporary edge to that. I come from a rock music background, so some of my images draw directly from those influences. I also love cinema, especially foreign and independent films. A lot of my clients say I have a cinematic style, some have said I made them look like rock stars, which is great. I also have a very romantic eye, so I might shoot you with a wide angle lens and make it look like something from a fashion magazine and then the very next shot will be with a normal lens with sepia film and it looks really beautiful, like it was taken in the 1930's. I believe my job is to capture your wedding's character as honestly as I can whilst making it look as interesting as possible. Basically, if you want to look really cool and glamorous I'm your man."

  Frequently asked questions:

- Yes, I always work with another shooter. They're photography degree holding, trained professionals, whose main roll is to roam around your wedding capturing candid moments in a photo-journalistic style.

- I shoot a mixture of high end digital and film. I love film for the couples portraits because it has richer tones and more 3 dimentionality.

- I give a medium res scan of all film taken.

- We use Nikon cameras with a full range of professional lenses.


- We bring back up equipment to every wedding.

- I've been shooting weddings for 8 years now.

- I'm based in Los Angeles and yes I do travel anywhere in state, country or world.

- Yes, my travel rates are very low.

- Yes, I include all your negatives free.
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